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Mark of Cain - text


I spear the wings now
cain has released the dark

brother bring the devil’s thunder
rabid winds and sacred storms
whatever is between us it is here

there’s no room, it aches it burns
acid showers pouring down
you bring abject dark
I bring the world

shine now rampant light
eerie beauty timeless signal
victorious center of deceit

we fall into spaces blind
a maze of filth and rotten skies
you’re the only one to look inside

cain – murderer – maker

down in eden’s deepest grave
we all come in from the burning
let the undercurrent drag you along

find them – beat the horse
look in every corner
they can help you
they can extinguish the inside

they needed to tell you
that time is running out
but they could not
no they could not
they could not
they could not
they could not

please – lookout – help us – find us
tie us to the ground

cain – murderer – maker

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