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Dirty Black - text


Traveling untrodden paths
with all the ghosts around
can not escape the phantom light
gliding above the ground

crack the sky, it‘s over now
we’re beyond the reach of god
yet our children will be there
to reach out for what is not

holy evil, fathers cane, insomnia and pain
a feather, tar and evil spirits, inertia and cocaine

the melting sky above us
the winter passes by
no inner shelter for those
who are hungr y for life

where do we go now
crumbling marionette
slowly chunks are falling
upon the dirty black

silver spoon, angel dust, christus in the rain
a feather, tar and evil spirits, inertia and cocaine

this dirty black
skies that twist and overlay
like a sea of rattle snakes

this dirty black
silhouettes at the crossroads
waiting to take the step

virgin white
like fallen snow
eternal cities fall to rest
no we won’t beg
who is behind the black

walking down
the longest road
following visions of our lives
hear not the sounds
from who is behind the skies

lasting love of my life
neophyte and king
another day
no longer suffering

holy evil
face of hope
inertia in the rain
another day
there is no suffering

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