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If I had my way-
I had my way,

I wouldn't change a thing-
wouldn't change a thing,

'Cause you're my obsession,
you keep my in the dark, to see your spark,

You're keeping me guessing,
Messing with my heart, got it down to an art,

Your eyes surprise me, every time,
Your kiss, it twists me, blurring the lines,
And it's the very first night all over,
The very first smile and then,
I'm falling for you,

You wrecked my world-
you wrecked my world,

You're always that girl-
always that girl,

You walked in the room and,
I couldn't look away,
You captivate

So drawn to you and I still feel that way,
Some things never change,


And again, and again, I'm falling for you x2


And again, and again, I'm falling for you x4

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Secrets in Stereo

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