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More Than Myself - text


There's too much god inside of me
It wipes away the light, screams and crumbles
Too much blood boiling in my veins
There's too much evil driving to disaster
Despite my resistance
It makes me feel I'm going faster

I was a child sleeping in my bed
Seeking for something more
A seven years old man


A broken heart can only heal with a broken life
And the memories are running on the edge
Lasting forever but are lost somewhere
Deep in our hearts


I'm feeling there's too much rain
When I see everyday feels so useless
There is time for decay
I see there is too much pain that just fills every day
I'm so blind but no words will be spoken in vain

There's too much god inside of me
It casts away my soul like a thunder
Too much love, destroyer of the faith
While we're leaving life we're living existence
Undisclosed dimensions hidden inside

[repeat chorus]

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