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Line On Fire - text


There's no limit to the madness of the human being
In a world of chaos like puppet people
suffering the pain, pain with no mercy

At the borders of reality we live and die
When a passion runs your life you have to stop
Into the line of fire

Damnation Angels
Into The Fire
Down with the Angels
To the flames I'm bound

Suffocated by the rules of evil hearts
In a world of trade there's no desire
That takes my mind away, in a cage forever

In the night their soul is
Screaming out in desperate cries
Flesh & Blood a sacrifice
To feed their foolish pride
Undisclosed desire


Line on fire, line on fire,
darkened mind control the fears
Line on fire, line on fire,
riders of the apocalypse on earth
Line on fire, line on fire,
savage souls rumble the streets
Line on fire, line on fire,
blinded by the hypocrisy

I'm just sick without an ending
Wait for my return
Blind eyes can see my surroundings

[repeat chorus]

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