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On The Other Side - text

Worms are crawling through my mind
I have failed you! I feel my spirit waning
Rotten lust possessing me.
Unanswered question is pointing the direction
That you could not give - fucker!

I was just
One step away from revelation, held the answer at my grasp
I drank from river dry, drained the shining knowledge
Enlightened by the answers from the letterless book.

Held her close in my arms, in spite of her distance
With torn mask of tears, she swallowed my dreams.
Blinded all my sense that´s now abandoned me
At the break of day
She´ll come to take away what the king has promised

I am worn and overshadowed by my desperation
You thing I can make it? I see her approaching...
My last breath rests with the stars
In the rising sun, the river is awakening

Carried by the stream of pure reality
Voice of endless knowledge, I came to fulfil your dreams,
But your world os so cruel - it can´t be redeemed
Silence surrounding me, I see the star-scripted age
Hear the voice of wishes long dead
I recognize the answers.

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