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No night, No day - text

Sighs of moaning reason sleep in a half-naked grip
Above the abyy of lusts and modest wishes
There is no night no day, you have feeling you are he
The unreasonable reason, walking towards human flaws

Resolved but lacking face
Throuth the mirror of vices you look up to virtue alone
Being yourself an immoral swine
Shy anger under shards of accusation
You yourself tained by the sacrament of sin
Nameless tome you hold - none buw vows within
Reading lines of empty pages, close to smell the answer stale

Bright day is coming - dustbound with black rain
Streams of malice on the rivers of law, are you walking away?
Affable promise turns to a wall covered in spit
In the middle of an epmty hand

That´s holding your fate - just go tighten the grasp
Voice of raven´s dead, greif of wingless angel
Down the abyss of lusts and modes wishes
There is no night no day, you have the feeling you are he
Raven dead, wingless angel
Absurd shard of mirror, you are but a glimpse

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