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My Journey To The Stars - text


Am I ruling in hell?
Or is it just a dream so cruel
I have taken the hands
Of the most magnificent doom
Blindly I'm seeking for the wisdom of truth
With persistence untold
I'm standing in a lake of warm blood
Yet my visions are cold
I see cliffs and peaks licking the sky
And deep cold lakes
With the universe their bottoms unite
Cosmic forces gave me the strength
To take my journey
And to be one with the stars

I was a demonfaced man
But now I'm a manfaced demon
Look at me and this face
Bathed in the silvery moonlight

I admire the splendour
But it's getting pale as I leave it behind
Now the sparking stars are the only light
But their shining still as cold as ice

I died a thousand times
Yet I believe in thanatism
So I avoid the realms of bliss
In the search of utter end

May the darkest space be my tomb
And may my blood paint the stars
Lifeless I drift far
But I reborn in the shape of emptiness

Text přidala Devilry

Video přidala Devilry

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