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A quarter century of lies
It's no wonder that anger and hatred rise
All your words untrue
What I believed, it wasn't you
In this chaos of spiritual death
There is a liar, a fool and a suspect
And if there is anything I regret
It is the very day we first met
We rode around the city at night
There was a fool and there were two liars
I believed in dignity and honour
But for some it means nothing
Thus turning lives into horror
Together we watched the stars
A fool, an innocent child and two liars
And I thought all the shooting stars we saw
Were meant to bring bright future and hope
In this chaos of spiritual death
I felt as if it was my final breath
It turned me into someone I didn't know
You found the key to open a forbidden door in my soul
There is a riot in my heart
This devilish betrayal tears my soul apart
I don't believe in forgiveness and grace
You don't seem so evil with my fist in your fucking face
Why can't we just turn back time
Asked the fool
Still believing in certain rules
I have lost hope and faith
Can't overcome this raging hate
The forest turned into desert
and silence is replaced by noise

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