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Enthralling Mystery - text


Between two worlds
Here I'm standing in a shower of arrows
Watching as my spirit departs
As though I walked the path of inferno
(You can) Take my soul, take my life
My spirit with the cosmos unites
I feel the blackness devouring me
I see my destiny clearly

I remained all alone
With my odium unfathomable
I soar high on the stellar vault
Towards a mystic vortex I flee
Where I'll be engulfed
By the most sombre gloom I've ever seen

I'm bleeding from a thousand wounds
I cannot hide, I will look you in the eye

My lood gushing forth
The time has come to the last sacrifice

Storm of blood, storm of wrath
There are things no one could understand
I'm facing demons surrounding me
They eat my flesh, eat my soul
I'll be one with them

I see planets with stars collide
The immensity of its power enthralling me

My path has come to an end
Future holds nothing for me
I've seen everything I had to see
I've been everywhere I had to be

Text přidala Devilry

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