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Blood On The Milky Way - text


In the days of tragedy and pain
When blood was shed on our land
A great rumble was heard from above
They came to save our motherland
The night of pride this is at the dawn of a bright future
Dare to dream
And behold the unforeseen

Hooves sparkle on the night sky
Millions of stars are born tonight

The inevitability of dream
In front of our eyes
But the captures of our instincts we are
And we won’t surrender

This is a miracle in the night
The great black sky opens wide
And the hooves thundering dreams near
We can’t loose, we must win
Trust in your visions, follow the sign
Beyond the wall of dreams truth you will find
Ancient wisdom of our forefathers
Endless stream of knowledge
A prophetic revelation

Thousands of flaming arrow like falling stars
Hear their screams before they hit the ground
There is no place to hide in the dark
This is the last night of our enemies
And a glorious dawn for us

It’s written in the stars
Carved in the dreams
For generations to come

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