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A Deathly Illusion - text


Walk the forbidden path
Fail the war of wrath
You are what you hide inside
In the most sombre corner of your heart

Darkness gives you a sense of wonder
A calm eternal
Awakening of feelings unknown
Your mind changes,your soul turns to stone

You are stigmatized

You will have to take a long journey
To understand darkness is not invading
But embrace you with its wrath

On the last days of your life
At your funeral will you comprehend
You are a victim of a fatal illusion

When you dive into the depths of sorrow
Where light fears to enter
You will find the truth you have always scared of

On the last day of your life
explore the edges of your soul and mind
No one wins at this game
But you will be relieved

Text přidala Devilry

Video přidala Devilry

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