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You Dont Know Me - text


(jay sean)
you dont know me no you dont know me you dont know me yeah aha
straight out of uk came a little british asain brother by the name of jay never kick down what you say so many companys wants me to come in my way been here a while now giving ma thanks to all ma rappin fans never givin it up always persavere throughout the years and the fuss about my cousins never givin a fuck
i dont give a fuck there tellin me that you wouldn't hear what i say now the storys changed suddenly are the fashion number trend of the day what they told me was that i was a brown man hangin round the black in the street but that wont hold me down 'cause look at me now i got to where i wanna be
u dont know me jay sean is the name
u dont know me i was born for the game
u dont know me so take me as i am
u dont know me jay sean is the name
tell me what is happenin 'cause now the music industries is focusing on market employes see i remember back then 'cause it wasn't about the sounds or the colour it mattered all about the boys now things are changin 'cause back in the day no one the fuck of my sounds now its all about the latest trends i guess im lucky 'cause the colour of the season is brown
i dont live for clams i dont live for the fames i only live for the game its funny how things can change cus suddenly those who dont event want u for their fans all i want is that u to see what means to me so the worst dont tell me now 'cause i got u where i want u to be
u dont know me jay sean is the name
u dont know me cus i was born i wos born
u dont know me baby cakes

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