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Farewell - Kriemhilt's Elegy - text

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Sleep, my love, sleep in my arms
As the rain keeps falling down
And the winds blow hard
Why have you forsaken me?
The first time I have seen you
My heart went up inflames
Though ages have gone by
You'll live forevermore...
All I now have are the memories
All I had in you, my love
Gone with the breeze as your journey ends
Dry in tears as I say goodbye...
Now farewell
On your way to the eternal home
Hear my song
My elegy will lead you
I can hear your voice from a distant world
In my heart
We'll be one until the end of time
...And the voice of brave Sifrit stood sole to withstand the
finality of time:
"Grieve not, for no evil shall come nigh me..."

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