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Oh, my grief let my face turn to stone and
I will not rest as long as he walks under the sun!
Alas, the hoard dwells futile in the dwarven realm
So might come to these lands the gold of the Nibelung!
I might forgive him with my lips, but
Never ever with my heart
Oh, they hear me mourn all the time so greatly,
How could I think he'd bear him hate?
I'm the one who did the deed, but appraisal
Never ever seemed so far
She will never be a friend of mine,
To walk alone shall be my fate!
Now we are kings of the Nibelung
Since ancient times he who owns the hoard bears his name
May he do no harm, many fathoms deep to lie
Never in mans hands, so he shalt be a gift to the nymph
All men know that my thought and wish are honour
Power, wealth, but inside hate is breeding
So I may relieve the poor, abet the widows
With my gold I gain for my service so many a man!
She might forgive me with her lips, but
Never ever with her heart
Oh, we hear her mourn all the time so greatly,
How could she think I'd bear him hate?
He's the one who did the deed, but appraisal
Never ever seemed so far
I will never be a friend of him,
To walk alone shall be his fate! dying stars the precious stones vanished into the river. First pale
and umbral, then clear and sweet the nymph with the golden hair
appeared before his eyes and gave him a smile. Grown grim he threw gold
and jewellery to her, for she should be wealthier than all queens on earth.
But heedless she contemned the treasure and laughed at him, so much she
pitied the living...
Why is this illusive peace so painful? I could cry
And I ask what's to be done with the hoard
In that moonless stormy night my ship sails to the Rine
I know that I have the curse of us all aboard
I know of your evil plan, but you're
Impossible to defeat
Look! Neither flame nor sword can wound you!
How shall I now avenge his death?
Now the treasure won't do any harm, and
Some day you may leave me be
With your brothers I have sworn the oath,
That he will dwell until we're dead!

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