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Million Dollar Horse - text


Spend my day just runnin' 'round. Lookin' for some solid
Too many people everywhere. They don't know and they
don't care. No.
How I spend my lonely hours, lookin' for some Eiffel
I'm gonna climb up, oh, so I can see.
Oh, someday and I'll be free. I'll be free.

Chorus: Give me a million dollar horse, that I can ride
for free.
I'm gonna ride him all the way, no matter where he might
Give me a million dollar love (give me love), that I can
love for free.
I'm gonna love her every day, no matter who she might be.

You may not see me hangin' round. I may not stay in this
old town.
Too many doorways have been closed. In my face, now
where's my place.
I need someone to hold my hand. Just someone who
They don't have to love me, no, just be my friend.
Open up and let me in. Won't you let me in.

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