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Ain't no sorrow for that woman. Ain't no pity for this
She wrote her name upon my window, signed it "Gone, with
love, Midnight Blue."

There's a story goin' 'round here, 'bout a woman dressed
in black.
Spendin' money and drinkin' whiskey, drivin' 'round in my
big black Cadillac.
There's a shanty down by the river. They say she went
there to meet a friend.
They found his body beneath the willows. She signed it
"Gone, with love, Midnight Blue."

There's a jailhouse down in this county, with it's
windows oh so high.
They're gonna hang me come Monday morning, write my soul,
Midnight Blue, across the sky.
Now if I ever get to heaven, I'll look St. Peter in the
And say don't you ever let that woman ever appear.
She's Satan's daughter, in shades of midnight blue.

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