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Magnolia moon in June, movin' through the trees over me.
Takes me back to the days when we were young again,
remember when.
You were with me almost all the time, and you were always
such a champion by my side.
Gone are the dawns as if they never came. The sandy lane
keeps a-callin' just the same.
And your name is still remembered when the friends
And you should see the sweet magnolias in the lane.

Magnolia moon will soon be shining one last time just for
Through the night like a beacon beyond the hill of time
when you were mine.
And oh such a painting in southern skies, like the eyes
of my darlin' in surprise.

Gone with the dawn, immortal face in time.
Like the blue-green of the bayou, you were mine.
And your shrine is with these people, they'll forever see
your light.
And you should smell the sweet magnolias in the night.

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