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Jessica, dear Jessica, forget me not and won't you try to
write to me, on your wedding day?
Jessica, dear Jessica, you'll look just like a painting
in your dress of white as you walk away.
But just remember who taught you how to kiss. I'm gonna
miss you.
Remember back when you were just a lonely girl, all alone
in a lonely world.
Did I try to care too much, or have I lost my touch?

Jessica, dear Jessica, I'll dress in black and cry upon
my pillow, when each day is through.
Jessica, my Jessica, the flowers in the fields will bow
their heads today, 'cause I'm feeling blue.
But just remember who taught you how to care. And tell me
I can find the little girl I used to know so well. Could
she still be around?
I would give the world to know if she's still in town.

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