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I'll Play For You - text


I'll play for you
I'll play for you
I'll play for you

Tonight while the lights are shinin'
and the microphone is on
I'll play for you
So many will be the blessings
and so short will the time
I'll stay with you

But I'll play for you
I love you yes I do
You can say that I'm your friend
You can see my life begin and end
I'll always play for you

Hear the band
Hear the band
Won't you let the music take you
Hear the band
And let this night
go on forever
and don't you ever stop the music
Let your spirit set you free, now
Hear the band
Hear the band
You can sing and stomp your feet
and clap your hands
And these few moments
we'll share together
and I'll play for you

I've practiced many years
and I have come a long long way
just to play for you
My life is but a song
that I have written in many ways
just to say to you

To say I love you yes I do
And I'd like for you to be
Whatever you would like to be
You'll always be special to me

(chorus to fade)

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