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Who's Winning, You or You? - text


Why haven't I felt like myself?
What are these voices in my ear?
I know that it makes your skin crawl,
what are you scared of?
You don't have a choice.
And try as you might, you cannot silence us;
can you hear me now?
Who are these voices that are speaking to me?
A chorus of insanity, oh how can this be?
All of these voices, they are the bane of my existence.
What did I do to deserve too much torment?
When did I get this lost?
Reality seems so far away.
The world is slipping through my grasp.
Maybe I should just swallow my pride.
Save your strength now before you fall away.
Hold on, don't give up.
We will save you.
Back to a world of silence and I've never felt so hollow.
These pills, they merely subdue them,
but I have total control.

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