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Defend the young for the plague has come.
An ominous cancer is here.
Unleash the beast of your scornful misery.
This is our only chance to achieve peace.
Enter a darkened world,
a realm in which the demons surround you
and bask in the mayhem
they have wrought forth from their own hell
(as light protects them).
And hatred it wraps itself around my neck (strangling me).
For what seems like a century (the misery)
that falls beneath the surface to be crystallized in my heart.
The night has come again. For us to change the past.
Hate and lies become a myth. This is how we'll live.
Fight. This is our war. Fuck them all and fight them off.
Don't be defeated. An ominous cancer is here.
Release us now. From this tethered life.
This is our only chance to achieve peace.

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