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The Sphinx Has Left the Building - text


I sold my soul to you, the grind king--
what a waste of time.
You better be warned,
you'll have nothing but enemies.
Business is you excuse,
profit is your motivation.
I am not a pawn in your game,
unlike you I have a sense of shame.
Families are built on blood, common goals, truth and trust, but not to you.
But now I have a new beginning,
miles from your venomous touch.
It's so refreshing to make progress without being held in you clutch.
I deserve so much more than you can offer.
Now I'll have a chance to show you up.
Is that what you envy you can take it if you really want,
and who's gonna stop you?
Indulge yourself.
Oh look at me now.
I hope you're fucking happy.

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