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The Eyes of the Ranger - text


Dismember me, for I can't bare to lose you.
Your hands around my throat,
attempted strangulation.
Forced without reprieve upon my neck.
This pain that plagues my mind shall slowly fade.
I can't believe that this is more than a dream tonight.
And I know that there's a reason why I still care.
Gouging out my eyes and tearing at my scalp,
I cannot remember why I ever fucking tried.
This isn't black and white, it is dark red.
You'll learn your lesson from this mutilation.
With blood spewing from your once emboldened eyes,
you will regret this day and what you've done to me.
Hungry for restitution, bodies afloat.
And I remain. I will stay committed to you for I am your ally.
As we part we proceed as one conjoined entity.
With blood still dripping my knife,
I wait for this day to end.
Despite my deepest fears, i will never lose hope.

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