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You are a phantom without a host.
You are the victim of a ghost.
You're not the fallen,
they made it to cut you down.
You are not the sinner,
they just tell you that so you will stay.
They are not the pious,
it's all a facilitated to the superior.
he's not your God.
While you pray down on your knees,
we stand up straight and see right past the blindfolded message.
Straight to the golden idol you've made of a lie.
It's an empty sky to which you testify.
Save your savior for someone else.
Open your eyes,
It's not a path I'd ever take.
I'm sorry I chose reason over irrational beliefs
to satisfy the nature of needing to explain everything.
Liars all of you, selling products that don't exist.
Look what you've done to us.
Fuck you all;
you are destined to burned.

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