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I tried so hard to find solace.
Instead I found discomfort.
I had one chance to learn from mistakes
that I had once made.
One more decision that will come to haunt me.
Resort to violence and it will get hard to see
through the eyes of an unsuspecting victim.
Blinded by fear and prejudice,
I failed to see you bleeding in my foolish state.
I failed to find a problem in my ignorant stage.
It was such a tragic tale of your aggression
that you entrenched yourself with a gun.
I tried so hard to blaze a path,
to make things right and prosperous.
I'll raise the banner against intolerance.
I'll fight against those who preach ignorance.
A culture of horrors, a nation led by fear.
It must cease to be, or we are doomed.
we must walk the path to enlightment,
but yet you are so unwilling.
If you don't give, if you don't acquiesce;
we are destined, destined to repeat our mistakes.

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