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On the Wings of Pegasus - text


A nation of cowards. Our ideals betrayed.
Tides of injustice.
Traitors to ourselves.
Offer my entrails as sacrifice to your God,
and then imagine what we could have had.
A call for justice, or a call for treason?
The universal problem-solver.
Please don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes, a recurring cry.
Strap him down and his evils will be reconciled.
Flip the switch and everything will be alright.
Inject the poison to make us feel safe.
It will crush you, shattered teeth
and broken bones all in spite of your best intentions.
It will consume you, ruined lives and tortured souls all
because of your need for a scapegoat.
I have ignored this carnage for far too long,
but now my conscience has caught up with my heart.
Carry me away on wings that cannot fly
to the land of second chances where hope conquers fear.

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