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Back to the Surface - text


This is inherent, this is second nature.
I won't deliver without your promise that you will save me
when I'm in need.
I can't trust anyone else.
And I know that you will be the end of me.
Vacancies in your honesty shall limit our ambition.
Our memories are transposed on photographs you gave to me.
I framed them up, tucked them away
to relive what was once aversive. It's not the end.
This will last forever. I will return.
This time it's perfect.
For life won't fade, this will last forever.
It's not the end, find your way back.
This moment, it has replaced my means
to find an explanation for all I ever...
where has it gone?
I will do anything, relive, regain, I can't surrender.
One life, one struggle, we will carry on.
Through strife and hardship we shall proceed.

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