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Night Comes Creeping - text

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Day breaks and I don't care
The kiss of light upon the stairs
Comin' to the doorway but there's nothin out there
Time stopped within my mind
Same as all the rest behind
Everything has changed while I was sleeping
One day you'll find
She's of another mind
And it won't be long
Until the night comes creeping
Loud voices fill the sky
Strange faces in her eyes
And I'm the stranger now, but I just don't know it
The circle closes up too slow
Shinin' in translucent glow
It's darker now cuz that's the way she sees it
Next train to outerspace
But of her love there is no trace
The world just turns to silver when you're alone
A different way to bring you down
Falls apart and hits the ground
Take it from me you said
So you take it with a trembling hand
Ten million directions comin' off and comin' on strong
These roads run together in my mind's eye
All I'm leaving behind is a river run dry
I'm not stealing your vision, you're just blind

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