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Be Still My Soul - text


Be Still My soul
The Lord is on they side
Stand calm within
The storm of grief and pain

Trust in thy God
To order and provide
Through every change
His faithful light remains

Be still my soul
The restful peace within
Through trying times
Leads to a joyful land

Be still my soul
The wind and waves shall know
The voice who ruled
Them while he dwelt below

Torment and doubt
Have slipped into the past
All dark and mysteries
Shall shine at last

His burning sun
Shall melt the ice of fear
Lift up your heart
His soothing voice to hear

Be still my soul
When light you can not see
That trembling skies
Speak to the fear in thee

The face of God
Illuminates the night
Unending peace
And trust in perfect light

Be still my soul
When tears fall from above
You are divine eternally in love
You are divine eternally in love

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