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Came before you there’s the path
That I walked on
It’s contour is wide and deep
And the [?] of night
Following screams, fear the whispering trees
Releasing the English survived by the past
By tribals around you [?] song
[?] human lies [?] the sealion
By the false prophets that died in the firefight
There is no hand and [?] going right
And no help for serious [?] inside
I will not love to show us that [?]into [?]
Coming to offer him [?] two of us
We are freedom that frightens your organized frustration
To root back [?] concerning nation
We are losing dreamers [?] come to most [?]
People who made the dollars
United again [?] the day that fall
We'll still be here to save us all

Text přidal IneM

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