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The fact that all is clear
Suppress my childhood fears
I no more feel any pain, no memories of love have remained

The night is already here
The stars have a tear
No longer wait for dawn, all of my dreams have now be gone
I start preparing my belongings and get set for this final journey of mine

Will come as i cut the final bloodline
Please, farewell me with your fake sarcastic smile
My life is done, i rolled my final dice
Don't start to lie the sweetness has no more place in my heart
Now i am standing still but in a while i ' ll lay down torn apart
Don't, don't start to run sweet child, there's more you must see
I can see your heart and give you some me

Do you see up in the sky
Flashing colors on the wild
This is my ethereal spirit mind
Arrival at a new frontier
Where i can see the world so clear
Remembrance is all that's left of me

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