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Nothing gets better than this - text


Nothing Gets Better
Than having all the treasure
Instruments to radios iPod stereo
You can sell whatever
Like magical sweaters
Even if it’s old you can sell it we will buy it
At the Pawn Shop
Everything is better not going home not ever
Ear phones & diamond rings gold chains silver rings
It doesn’t really matter toys if you’d rather
Bring it down we’ll pay you today
It’s like a party at the Pawn Shop
Just having a good time
Look around you’ll find everything you can describe
Gold chains video games just bought my girl a diamond ring
Not going home tonight
Everything here just feels right
The apple of eye this store is like oh my
Those drums right there so hot I’m rocking out
I’m so much better now
Blasting these speakers up oh wow
You loving this Pawn Shop everybody scream and shout
Nothing Gets Better Than This(X4)

Text přidala IaMdUmB

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