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I've spent a long time on this earth
Seems longer every day
But inside this same old skin
Everything has changed
And here's a flaming birthday cake
All those burning years are on display
But it's all such a lie, cause I know inside
I was born yesterday

I've spent a long time as myself
Or, the self I used to be
He was one in a long line
Of people imitating me
So just forget the things I used to say
Chances are good that I don't feel that way anymore
It's hard to keep track, but there's no going back
Since I was born yesterday

So let's pretend
That we can start again
We'll pick up where we left off before
But not quite
It's like that guy made a slight right
And no one recognized him anymore

Now the sun is shining brightly
Like it's almost making fun
And the radio is playing
"We've Only Just Begun"
So bizarre, yet so cliche
That every day is a new day
And all those candles can't make me stay the same
Since I was born yesterday

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