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Someone's got to be the hero
Someone's got to do the job
Someone's got to do the business
Someone's got to be the fool
Someone's got to be the hero
Someone's got to do the job
Someone's got to be the clown who's creating the sound
That makes the world go round

Rock star
Shooting star
Falling star
I'm a hero and a sample of sucess
I got gold plated toilet tissue
Money never is an issue
TV people call me as their guest
I got low hangin' trousers all the way to the top
I'm all the things a home boy could ever be
My life is so upgraded and my ego's so inflated
I've become an X-rated fantasy, yeah

(repeat chorus)

I'm the captain of charisma and a sultan of the soul
One look and I can set you all free
Just look at me it's plain to see it's obvious
You must agree I'm everything you'll ever want to be
I take my fame as serious as any popstar can
I'm a leader and an icon and a revolution man
I'm starring in a video and too hot to flop
I'm the goal of every seeker and my ratings never drop
Well I'm rising to the top and you know I'm really that
And you know I'm everything I portray
I'm so hip slick and cool and so charismatic as a rule
That I don't take the time to finish what I say
Popstar, lollypop, popcycle, hall of fame
Look at me I'm bigger than life
I got Patton's leather shoes and I ain't ever paid no dues
And I don't ever sing the blues or take a wife
Everything you've heard me say so far is a joke
An open mind and sense of humor is our only hope
I wanna say just one more thing before I move along
I'll bet you're really glad we're near the end of this song
I'll leave you now take a bow I hope you all agree
A popstar isn't everything it's cracked up to be
If I have left you anything here's what I want to say
A popstar is an explosion all you've got is you today

(repeat chorus)

Too hot to flop
Too hot too flop (just look at me)
Too hot to flop
Too hot too flop (yeah)

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