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When the world was flat
Before smoke filled the air, trees shadowed the land
When the world was flat
In fire and rain, god spoke onto man
There were no whalebone ships
Or slaves below deck
When the world was flat
When the world was flat
Noah's ark sailed on a dinosaur's back
When the world was flat
There were no broken bones or illness at all
Oceans spilled across maps
like a tipped champagne glass
When the world was flat
Round as a wrecking ball
Chained to a crane
Swinging lead-heavy here to there
With its nose in the air
In a clumsy pirouette
Making rubble of this and that
Now all of the magic has gone
From blue bejeweled world that was
When the world was flat
Empires crumbled, rose and changed hands
When the world was flat
Miles stretched farther across water and sand
Men were quite small
Only six inches tall
When the world was flat
I met a man who walked the world's edge
Stood where the oceans poured into the black
When I asked him why
He replied back:
"Everyone has a line in their path
that they can't toe around or step past.
It took years to find mine,
but you'll find yours in time
just as I did
when the world was flat

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