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With this switch, I forgot his leg
And maybe I'll do better I guess
His hands sway with my hips until a ball of full dance
Even maybe in another life
I could have been the mistreated wife
And when his ghost moves on, he'll come back as a wild dog
One year later, he was gone
He never came back from the war
Oh my my, never came back from the war
Love is nothing when you can't hold your hand
Like a secret burning my hand
Still I carry a piece of him
Saved all his letters in a refined tin
Kept a switch knife in my little coat
And when I walk from the train I walk
In the palm of my sweaty hand
I hold a knife and think of him
If you're mind and his ghost never came back from the war
My my, never came back from the war
Stepped off the train into the evening air
The creak and clank platform the stairs
A stranger's steps fell close behind
A flat hand fell on my arm tight
I twist out my switch knife
It caught the blare of the street lamp's light
Before I pressed it into that stranger's heart
I fought hard more more
The warm kiss on my knife and rest
It's like when you came back from the war
It's like you came back from the war

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