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Yeah yeah, Scar
Dubs, yeah, woo
Might need your neck back in a cast
Where's my Gin?
I'm still lit fam
These racks are gettin' bigger
Might drop shit from Riff Raff
It's mad
I've been swimmin' in these racks
3 tracks, 1 day
I complete that, easy done
You don't know where I'm really from
I'm really on
Used to have rhythms on my mp3 player
Burned them down from a CD ROM
I took a break, I was so far gone
Had to get back to the roots I'm from
Young Scarlxrd still gets what he wants
Used to write 16 chillin' in the back of the bus
Yeah trust me bruv, you're still on job
Don't think anybody has clocked on
They don't really watch with the watch on
Why would that Neil with my Armstrong
Really been doin' this non-stop
Safe to stay I'm still on one
When I talk 'bout plays we could roll one
Never got fazed by the top ones
They always say that I'm someone
I'm so and so and so's lost son
Like blood, are you on drugs?
I don't even care where you come from
Jack and gin shots in my body
Too many sips and now I feel dodgy
Chattin' up every peng ting in the lobby
Imma cut her she's way too snobby
You're not bad so don't act godly
Be like everyone else, you just copy
I make power moves like I'm Tommy
I got ghosts that don't haunt me, damn
I got so many layers that snaked ya
Hit once I cause craters
Chillin' in Maybach no hard labor
Still spit gas I exhale vapor
Scarlxrd is my lecture
That was really my saviour
Careful he's out to get ya
I just passed all my majors
Fuck that, I still walk through badlands with no one
But myself and my hands
I might aim them both at your snapback
You will get burned away with no suntan, yeah
I'm just gassin'
I always gotta look good camera's flashin'
Rather spit bars than boys in madness
Wanna kick back in my mansion?
Smarter than most, man
I got a big brain
Been insane since my last lady
It's engraved it still is waiting
But fuck her she's way too crazy, yeah
I'm still the waviest guy
Get up and vibe
I live my life for the high
Writing my lines in the night
Can't take my steeze off, I'm too fly
I'm on my way so I tell them goodbye
Caught two flights here a nigga's worldwide
Left in the dark when I knock out the lights
I don't need anybody's advice Nah, yeah
My gun's off safety
All in lately
They act snakey
Music changed me
Write bars daily
My arms achy
Been only two weeks
Fought my bravery
All the winners got my mind hazey
They like me because I'm tasty
Why they always trying to shame me
Like my style was out in the 80's
I'm underground like the Navy
I start chillin' everybody gets wavy
I'm a young earthquake ground is shaky
Clouds the sky but the place is rainy
Spend a day pinnin' up facts
I go up like DeLorean doors
Why would I want to take trips to the past
Write my future wrote man's sound
When I drop tapes I shake some ground
New wave earthquake Richter sound
It's a shame what they wanna do for the Pounds
Can't talk shit if you've never sold out
Still a no-show but everyone's gassed
Had to step into the wave of the mass
You really don't really my team in the dance
You might leave with your neck back in the cast, oh geez, oh geez
Oh geez
Yeah, woo
Over it, bye, I'm done

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