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Far from our home
Destination unknown
Lonely the road
The path of the salvation code
We move alone
Forsake our home
Open highway
The city lights fading away
Feel like I’m separating
As I’m detonating
You keep me holding on when all my strength has failed
As fear’s replicating
Your words resonating
Reminding me that I will see a new world beyond the veil
Shadows of drones
Faces of clones
Caught in their dream
Lost inside the datastream
Visions we chase
Truths that we face
Curse of our kind
A lost horizon we can’t find
Mankind, machine
A future unseen
Beneath the veil
Electric Eden’s haven hails
Purpose combines
Future bloodlines
In waning daylight
A lost horizon in our sights
A new world awaits for us beyond the veil

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