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Suki's Missing - text


let me tell you 'bout a girl I knewa rollin' stonethe sort of girl you give your lifetime tobut you never own
suki's missing -- she's not at homesuki's missing -- address unknown
on the paper there were fifteen wordssaying suki's gonea scribbled line to whom it may concernsaying nothing's wrong
suki's missing -- told a lie or twosuki's missing -- didn't leave a clue
missing missing missing
I call on missing personsleave your number you'll be calledhelp me operator 'cos I'm going up the wallI've tried every method to get suki back againnow I'm telling a computer'bout the shape that I'm inI know it's looking bad 'cos there hasn't beenback a wordso I'm asking on the street"you seen a chinese girl?"there's a poster on the boxupon the police station wallthere's a photo there of sukishe was with me I recall
suki's missing -- missing
I got to get that chinese girl

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