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Once In A While - text


I think of this most every nighthow hard it is to get it all rightI'm looking here and I'm lookin' thereI see a heart brokenpieces everywhere
wouldn't you try and wouldn't you knowyou try so hard still to let it all gotoo much trouble and too much painI think I'm gonna have that luck again
what'll I do if you walk awaywhat'll I do if you walk awaywell I haven't a chanceno I haven't a chance
once in a while I get this feelingnow and again I'm all in a dazetime after time I ask myself thiswill you walk awayonce in a while I get this feeling
a crazy notion -- a careless thoughtI start to worry and time gets shortwe'll think of this my dear young onethe time to act has just begun

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Living In A Fantasy

Leo Sayer texty

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