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Sippin' Rose, first class, yeah, I’m lit
AP bust down, jumping off the wrist
Republicans on the plane muggin' on a bitch
Making white man money
So these white folks pissed (Why you pissed?)
Pulling out my phone, what I miss?
Hoes throwing shade underneath my new pic
Bitch you ugly!
Something Snapchat can't fix
Should I let her know
Or should I block this bitch? (Why you pissed?)
Saweetie so monotone
Saweetie look like so and so
Saweetie took my MCM
Just so he could put her on
Bitch! That nigga want this
Took his shot, didn’t miss
Tell me, how could I resist?
Why you pissed?

Now y'all bitches telling me y'all wasn't gonna talk to *****, ****, & ****?
Y'all bitches cappin' on my mama, nigga

'Bout to piss on you niggas
'Bout to piss on you bitches
How you posting pictures with me
But you throwing up disses?
When I see ’em out in public
I be blowing ’em kisses
I go by in the Benzy and I be throwing up digits
I work hard for my riches, how dare you say I didn't
I said that I be winning
Oh you thought that I was kidding?
Staring at my titties, you like how they sitting
I’m a pretty bitch, and I got you in ya feelings
You was in the field? I was calling the plays
I be making deals while you getting dick in the face
Yeah, I was making money you was taking a break
Now you, now you wonder why I'm the bitch that you ain't
Oh you pissed, pissed!
'Cause I’m rich bitch?
Is you mad 'cause I'm on yo nigga's wish list?
Tell him, "Merry Christmas" (yuh)
Got the pussy gifted (yuh)
He can't wait to kiss it, (mwah)
Ooh that boy addicted! (*laughs*)
What you mean, bitch? (Uh)
Ice queen, bitch! (Uh)
Water on the wrist
Got these hoes seasick! (No)
On my mama, these niggas make me sick! (ew)
I'm on the scene, bitch!
You ain't even seen, bitch!
Why you pissed? (Why you pissed, why you pissed, why you pissed?)
Tell me why you so pissed daddy!
Why you pissed? (Why you pissed, why you pissed, why you pissed?)
Tell me why you so pissed daddy!

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