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Futile guardian
I always stood by your side
Basis of consistence
Exiled from your kingdom
If I had one wish I wish I wouldn’t hear a sound
As I burn this to the ground
Wealth and hand sewn robes to keep your skin warm
Whilst I frost my breath in your absence
Don’t tell me to change when all you do is change
A masterpiece in your hands
Pour it down the drain
This blizzard won’t break me
Don’t you forget
I am invincible
Gather round to watch me drown
The tide will never take me
Comforting the thought that I may fritter away
Don’t you forget I’m unbreakable
Right now’s as pleasant as it’ll ever be
For the storm brings absence
Even your shadow gets lost in the dark
A gasping moment, take a picture
And fucking frame it
Crawl as your kingdom fritters away
I am unbreakable
Moan as your kingdom fritters away
I am invincible

Text přidal xPETOx

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