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Atlantis (ft. Trent From Punchy) - text


Here I am
Existing only in my own reflection
Reflecting doubt
Black and white images of the man I once was
I’ve become one with the fabrication
Resenting everything, so I dwell in imagination
This is far from what I hoped for
There must be so much more, there must be
And I imagine
That this place will be consumed by the sea
If I’d just believe
If I’d just believe
We live in my town
We have a view of the city
An awesome movie rented for every night I’ll spend her
Every day is better than the last
But this is make belief
It’s all just make belief
I slam the door; tonight I’ll grind my jaw
This ain’t the motherfucking Jersey Shore
Welcome to the real world, stay alive one-o-one
Give up the ghost
Still I remember what it was like in Atlantis
More than my heart could bare
I lost my heart in Atlantis
Where are my angels when I need them?

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