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We were 17 and on our own
When we hit the gas for the great unknown
I was named for a boy, she was named for the fall
And nothing much else really mattered at all

I knew what happened on her kitchen floor
And she knew what it meant when I wrote on the door
Secrets spilled into that dark
And everyone was a piece of my heart

It’s a lullaby
It’s a beautiful life
And it sings me to sleep most every night
So I hold it close
And I hide it away
That’s how I keep it from going astray
Love doesn’t need a rhyme or a reason to be
This is the story of Autumn and me.

We grew up fast in a few short years
And we littered the path with the tracks of our tears
But we carved our names in the proverbial wall
And nothing much else really matters at all

We earned every line in our 25 years
We cried over boys and we laughed over beers
I wouldn’t trade the girl for a song
She lets me know right where I belong

Rooftop dancing in the summer heat
New car crash on a one way street
Strangers moving up to the fourth floor
Strange, now nobody knows me more

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