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The Most Beautiful Promise - text

And then he swore to me
Swear did he silently
He’d stay right next to me
Said he’d be there for me
And in my times of need
He said he’d give to me
Strength I need to survive
The bloodshed of this life

And the wounds I sustained
Would heal and leave no scars
He said he’d die for me.
He’d die a thousand times.
This brought tears to my eyes
And I fell to my knees.
I opened up my heart
And let his life consume me

Consumed my heart and healed my wounds

(And after a lifetime of lies and broken promises
His words made my mind swell with love and passion
Into your arms I commit my life
Into your will I commit myself
Into your hands I commit my heart
Into your hands I commit my spirit)

I gave my life
My life, my heart, my soul

And without parting my lips
I gave him thanks
I gave him praise

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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