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Slave on your knees
You’re a slave on your knees (x2)

Or maybe on your back?
I guess it must just
Depend on what takes your fancy at the time huh?
Validation injected below the waist line
Below the ’waste’ line

Euphoric uplift unbeatable, unbeatable
With fingernails embedded in flesh gasping, shaking,

[What the bloody hell is going on here?
It's jammed...
Break it down.]


Perfect pleasure alright
But it would seem that
Monogamy is monotony and
Your thirst is unquenchable

Drown in your ocean of intoxicated ecstacy (x2)

So weak (x4)

You’re so much less than you claim to be
So much less than you claim to be

Slave to the world, slave to desire
Slave to selfishness, killing your heart
Killing your freedom, Killing the gift of love (x2)

Slave to yourself, slave to yourself
Slave to your selfishness, slave to the world
Slave to yourself, I give up on you
Slave to yourself, I give up in you; NOW DROWN!

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