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This ain't the first time that I've been told
I'm little outta' my mind, like I don't know
They tell me I'm crazy 3 to 4 times a day
some even say maybe I should get hauled away
Well slip me in a straight jacket,
strap me to a bed
They could dig inside my mind
but never get you out my head
Put me in a padded cell
and put a look on every door
They could keep me there for days
I know I'd only want you more
This ain't the last time that I'll be told
I'm a little on the wild side, I'm just too bold
They tell me I'm insane, that I'm a helpless case
(but what's) messing with my brain, is you're so far away.
You're the one that makes me crazy.
You're the one that drives me outta' my mind.
Nobody makes a medication to soothe my aching soul
but my frustration is better left untold
I start to hear voices, from deep inside my head
They're giving me choice, and now I'm hanging here by a thread.
Send me to a shrink or stick a needle in my arm
they could try to help me think or send me to a funny farm
strap me down and haul me off and run me through machines
with the flashing lights and charts the likes of which
I've never seen.

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