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World full of animals - text

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Please change it, break it
send the angels to save me
carry me, hold me and
make me strong and
protect me
save me
from those who are against me
World full of animals
you lose your place
if you don't piss in your own corner
Ya better start running
World full of animals
they won't stop, they won't stop
after the first bite
rip your flesh and guzzel all
blood thirsty animals, just don't fall
world full of animals
(Please) Change it, break it send your angels to save me
They'll take you deep, much deeper where there's no air left to breathe
the way back disappears, you're paralyzed
you can not move, no one can hear your cries
all you can whisper is please
Change it, break it
Take me, change me
come and rearrange me
hold me, show me
when I act so coldly
save me, when I'm no
different from my enemies

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