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I'm sitting by myslef the clock is tick-tock tickin talking much too quickly
expecting nobody else I keep on lookin' over my shoulder and I ...
I can't hear through these voices
some are speaking so loud I'm talking tricky little tempters
when I get around them now will I be able to me will I be willing to be able.
I'm finding by my steps.
I've got to take two back and then I'll we go three to four further
each time I ask myself
have I learned my lesson am I progressing I'm confessing..
I don't know if I can do it
am I capable of making such a big modification
but the sky is clear I feel the force of freedom coming and now.
I'm about to break free.
Why can't just climb the highest
cloud up in the sky
so that I can find myself to be so free and high.
I wanna fly above my worries.
I wanna float above my fears.
I wanna climb above my old ways.
I wanna soar each and every day.
I'm hearing my own words.
I say the same things like I've never heard over and over.
I'm just adding to the noise.
I'm second guesser a stressor can you relive the pressure
where can I find a taste of freedom
when I fix my eyes into the skies
and find the wings inside my mind
only then can I breathe again
as I ascend into the clouds
and never look down to the ground.

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